This could be the funniest book published this year

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 ‘This book is hilarious, quirky and completely out of left field,’ said somebody.

From debut author Hayden Bradford comes a rip roaring yarn which could be the funniest book published this year.

Travesty is an unashamedly hilarious tale of a bloke so hard done by in his life, he could only have been born from the imagination of another bloke. His mother named him Travesty as she believed his birth signalled the beginning of one long, drawn out disaster for her. But without warning, Travesty’s life comes to an abrupt and ridiculously funny end. He is then delivered to Heaven. How does that happen to an atheist?

Hitch yourself a ride on Travesty’s crazy journey on Earth and in Heaven!

‘You know when you are sitting alone laughing out loud you have a classic. Great laugh,’ said another someone.